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Anxiety is a state of alert, a defense response, in which the body signals that something is not good, that there is some real or imagined danger, inside or out. Anything can be interpreted as harmful, and at exaggerated levels, can paralyze the person in the face of circumstances due to fear.

There are no physical exams and the diagnosis is made through the patient's reports about their behavior and feeling.

The symptoms of anxiety are: body aches, shoulders, tachycardia (heart pounding), cold sweat, belly pain, vomiting cravings, shortness of breath, tremors, anguish (apprehension), excessive fear, irritability, intolerance, excessive hunger, stomach pain, diarrhea, muscle tension, imminent danger sensation, insomnia, feeling of death. To help relieve the symptoms, relaxation becomes necessary.

Obesity, in some cases, can also be associated with anxiety, because the food is used to relieve it, because of the rapid gratification.

For some people, anxiety may be more intense during the day or night, and it is necessary to analyze the personal significance of these moments.

Specialized Psychologist therapy is essential for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, as it he can analyzed which leads a person to become anxious at a disproportionate level to the point of impairing it, and can help with ways to control anxiety and reduce symptoms, in addition to teaching the person to develop emotional control.

In addition to the specialized Psychologist the person will may be accompanied by a psychiatrist. These professionals can help in the treatment of the person suffering from anxiety, enabling it she to have a significant improvement in their quality of life and obtaining numerous benefits such as: decrease of symptoms, decrease of seizures, greater confidence in self, improvement in self esteem, among others. Thus, the person will have more freedom and can lead a calmer life without the weight that causes anxiety.

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